TLV2217-33 TLV2217 3.3 Low Dropout Regulators



The TLV2217 family of low-dropout regulators offers a variety of fixed-voltage options that offer a maximum continuous input voltage of 16 V, making them more versatile than CMOS regulators. Utilizing a PNP pass element, these regulators are capable of sourcing 500 mA of current, with a specified maximum dropout of 500 mV (3.3-V and 2.5-V options), making these regulators ideal for low-voltage applications. Additionally, the TLV2217 regulators offer very tight?

1.Fixed 3.3-V Output
2.1% Maximum Output Voltage Tolerance at TJ = 25?C
3.500-mV Maximum Dropout Voltage at 500 mA (3.3-V Option)
4 2% Output Voltage Variation Across Load and Temperature
5.Internal Overcurrent Limiting
6.internal Thermal-Overload Protection
7.Internal Overvoltage Protection
1.ESP8266 Power Supply
2.xbee power supply
3.Electronic Points of Sale
4.Medical, Health, and Fitness
6.Appliances and White Goods
7.TV Set-Top Boxes


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