LED 3W 4V High Bright WHITE Light



It is recomended please use heat sink to not too much heat up LED,
it can prolong the life cycle of LED or bulb!!!
We Suggest that Use of Driving Power Supply of 350MA For 3W LED
1.Power: 3W High Power Lamp Beads ( Taiwan Imported Chip)
2. Material: Aluminum Stent and Four Golden Thread
3.Emitting color: Natural White
4.Life Span :  50,000 Hours
5.With RoHS & CE Approved
6.Beam angle : 180 degrees
7.Luminous Flux: 100LM-150LM
8.Size: 30*30mm
9.Dimensions: Diameter 8mm Round
10.Input voltage: 3.2V-3.7V
11.Current product :250mA-300mA
12.Roduct Color temperature:
4000-4700K (Natural White) Aluminum Stent
3W : 3.4-3.6V   350-650mA       (Copper stent)
13.Welding process: the heating platform, hand soldering, times within three seconds
14.Applications : Bulb, Ceiling, Lighting, and other Lighting Products
High Power LED Instructions:
1, Please pay attention to the soldering iron grounding, the operation process, please wear static bracelet.
2, Electric soldering iron: soldering iron temperature does not exceed 260 ℃; soldering iron must be grounded, welding time of not more than 5 seconds.
3, The cooling shell is recommended with high-power led bracket with aluminum or copper heat sink, and the need for LED scaffold in the bottom with the flat heat sink connected to the application of high thermal conductivity of the thermal grease.
4, Please do the cooling work of the lamp beads, lamp beads surface temperature can not exceed 60 ℃, otherwise it will affect the lamp beads life.
Package Contains:
High Power 3W CREE LED Light Emitting Diode LED Diodes Lamp Bulb


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