150w DC To DC Boost Converter 10 32v To 12 35v 6a Step Up Power Supply Module



This 150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V module allows you to step up an input voltage as low as 10V and set the output to 12V-35V.? The output voltage will be higher than the input voltage.

? ? ? ? The boost converter design is based on popular Texas Instrument?s UC3844 current mode PWM controller chip.

Run Laptop on DC12V Car battery . (Laptops usually require 17V ? 18V DC.) Run Communication equipment on single 12V lead acid battery that is rated for operation at 24V to 35V
Run Higher voltage (24V ? 35V) DC motors used in Robots using single 12V batteries
Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: 10v ? 32v DC
Output Voltage: 12v ? 35v DC
Output Current: 6A MAX

Output Ripple: 2% MAX
Working Temperature: Industrial ? 40C to 85C (Environmental temperature, more than 40C, reduce load wattage or enhance cooling)
Full-Load temperature: 45 degrees.
No-load current: 25mA typical.
Voltage regulation: ? 0.5%.
Load regulation: ? 0.5%.
Dynamic response speed: 200uS 5%.
Size: 2.60 in (L),??1.85 in (W) , 1.1 in (H)
Weight: 2.30 oz (66 g)


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